Stone Creation in RhinoArtisan

In this week’s article, we’ll teach you how to use RhinoArtisan’s commands for Stone Creation and Setting.


These revolutionary Commands allow you to use traditional gem setting techniques to elevate your jewelry designs with unprecedented precision and efficiency.


Gem Studio

RhinoArtisan’s Gem Studio allows you to craft customized stones using various placement methods and parameters without needing to retrieve them from your inventory.


Gems By Network

RhinoArtisan’s Gems by Network command simplifies creating intricate gem networks, enabling the creation of elaborate gem distributions that follow the natural flow of intersecting curves, all with a few clicks.


Gems by Curve

RhinoArtisan’s Gems by Curve command takes gems settings a notch up by enabling the distribution of gems of varying sizes along any curve, making the process both precise and time-efficient.


Gems by 2 Curves

RhinoArtisan’s Gems by 2 Curves command refines this visualisation, automatically adjusting gem sizes and placements between two curves.


Pearl & Cachobon

RhinoArtisan’s Pearl & Cabochon command enables the creation of these elegant shapes in seconds, combining the age-old allure with modern speed and precision.


Gems Recover

Import your RhinoGold and Matrix designs.

This command brings your previous creations into the present smoothly, converting and upgrading them to be fully editable within RhinoArtisan—merging the reliability of your trusted old tools with the innovation of new technology.



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Prongs & Manufacturing

From ancient handcrafting to modern CAD technology, discover the world of prongs. Learn about RhinoArtisan’s features like Rendering and Manufacturing Views, simplifying preparation for 3D printing.


Prepare your Design for production!

RhinoArtisan’s design-to-production tools enhance 3D printing preparation, featuring the One Click STL for defect correction, Direct Connect for printer setup, and a report generator for consistent documentation.