Prepare your Design for production!

The transition from a captivating design to a tangible piece is a journey filled with precision. Using the right tools is key.

Today, we will dive into the critical process of preparing your jewelry designs for 3D printing, giving you precise tools inside RhinoArtisan to expedite this important part of the design journey.

STL Repair

Ensuring a model is completely solid, with no holes or non-manifold edges, is critical for 3D printing. Traditionally, checking and fixing these issues manually is error-prone and requires a deep understanding of 3D modelling intricacies.

The One Click STL tool in RhinoArtisan automatically identifies and fixes common model defects, ensuring your design is print-ready with just one clicks.

Printer Configuration and Connectivity

Configuring 3D printers and transferring files can be cumbersome, often involving multiple software and manual file handling.

The 3D Printer Direct Connect feature streamlines the workflow by allowing direct sending of designs to diferent printers. This not only simplifies the process but also ensures that the printer’s settings are optimized for each specific design.

Creating a Technical Report

Compiling detailed reports manually is labor-intensive and can lead to inconsistencies.

RhinoArtisan’s Report feature generates complete technical reports, including 4 views, names, descriptions, and more, streamlining documentation and enhancing communication.



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Prongs & Manufacturing

From ancient handcrafting to modern CAD technology, discover the world of prongs. Learn about RhinoArtisan’s features like Rendering and Manufacturing Views, simplifying preparation for 3D printing.


Prepare your Design for production!

RhinoArtisan’s design-to-production tools enhance 3D printing preparation, featuring the One Click STL for defect correction, Direct Connect for printer setup, and a report generator for consistent documentation.