Prongs & Manufacturing

This week we’re going to talk about prongs! We’ll cover:
  • Introduction to Prongs and their Role in Jewelry Design.
  • Prong evolution  – Ancient Times to the Present.
  • Preparing your prongs for manufacturing using RhinoArtisan

Prongs – Ancient Times to the Modern Era:

Prongs, the metal claws you see on top of center stones, play a double role in jewelry production.
On the functional level, they secure gemstones in place.
On the design level, they regulate the refraction point at which the light hits the gemstone, enhancing its brilliance and beauty.
In ancient times, creating prong settings was a labor-intensive process, demanding not only a deep understanding of jewelry making but also a steady hand and an eye for detail.
In modern times, technology facilitates precision and complexity, but the essence of prong setting remains rooted in traditional craftsmanship. CAD tools like Rhino have revolutionized this process, allowing for more complex and precise designs that were once impossible to achieve by hand.

Automatic Manufacturing preparation for prongs:

RhinoArtisan takes this a step further.
In the Outliner, you can switch between Rendering View and Manufacturing View.
This allows you to see the difference in the design since RhinoArtisan automatically adds prongs to your design.
Rendering vs Manufacturing Mode
In order to export as STL for 3D Printing, you can print your design with the extension of the prongs, making the manufacturing process much easier.


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Prongs & Manufacturing

From ancient handcrafting to modern CAD technology, discover the world of prongs. Learn about RhinoArtisan’s features like Rendering and Manufacturing Views, simplifying preparation for 3D printing.


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