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How to create your own jewelry collections?

Jewelry business owners: Your expertise is key! With 2Shapes, design unique collections effortlessly. Generate stunning 4K images for social media instantly. Access training and personalized support for your online store.

How to photograph jewelry like a professional photographer?

2Shapes Scope highlights a Shopify Blog post by Jeff Delacruz on DIY product photography. Essential tips and an affordable setup guide provided by 2Shapes ensure quality visuals. Schedule a session with specialists for business insights.

Are heart-cut diamonds popular?

Discover Britanny Sminitz’s insights on heart-themed jewelry in JCK magazine. Explore 2Shapes’ heart-inspired designs for inspiration. Consider incorporating hearts into your collection. Contact specialists to learn how 2Shapes can assist you.

What are the expectations for the jewelry market in 2021?

The article by JCK’s Victoria Gomelsky explores jewelry industry insights from 2020 and forecasts for 2021, highlighting trends like digitalization, home-wearable jewelry, second-hand market growth, AR/AI integration, and corporate accountability via 2Shapes services.

New opportunities emerge for the jewelry industry

JCK Magazine reports on De Beers’ findings, revealing shifts in consumer behavior: 44% have more cash due to canceled trips, 65% canceled travel plans, and 13% plan to celebrate with diamond purchases. Rob Bates emphasizes travel decline as a potential boon for jewelers, urging exploration of opportunities with 2Shapes.