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Where the passion for jewelry meets cutting-edge technology


from 2shapes technologIES

RhinoArtisan is a software solution in the jewelry space from 2Shapes Technologies.


For us, the story began with RhinoGold, integrating cutting-edge jewelry technology, driving engagement and rapidly expanding around the world.

In 2018, RhinoArtisan came to life, and since then we have helped hundreds of jewelry professionals increase their sales and grow.

We also collaborate with dozens of schools around the world, focusing on bringing maximum value to society, so that students go out into the marketplace ready for the future.

2Shapes Technologies

THE COMPANY and our mission

2Shapes is a technology company in the jewelry space.

2Shapes offers both SaaS and on-premise solutions for jewelry retailers, manufacturers, designers, and e-commerce shops. 

Since its establishment, 2Shapes has helped hundreds of jewelry professionals increase sales and grow their businesses by integrating cutting-edge jewelry tech into their daily operations.

Our mission is to transform the jewelry industry by providing innovative technology solutions that improve and optimize all our customers operations. We strive to offer advanced tools, allowing our customers to achieve new levels of success.

Our goal is to make RhinoArtisan the #1 jewelry design and manufacturing software in the world, excelling in innovative technology solutions for the jewelry sector. We are committed to anticipating and satisfying the needs of our clients.

Rafael del Molino


Experienced Chief Executive Officer with more than 15 years experience in the jewelry sector and over 25 years as a computer software developer.

Rafa has created industry-leading 3D design products such as RhinoGold and Clayoo to worldwide acclaim (company acquired by Stuller Group in 2014)

After working with Stuller until 2016, in 2018, serial entrepreneur Rafa launched another company targeted at the jewelry industry 2Shapes, because “I am passionate about helping other jewelry entrepreneurs to grow their business and boost their sales.”

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