Are heart-cut diamonds popular?

Our team has discovered an article from JCK magazine, written by Britanny Sminitz, where she shares her experience designing heart-themed jewelry pieces.

As we read it, we realized that we were diving deep into an interesting reflection on the stable popularity, the meaning behind it and the many ways you can find heart shapes in many jewelry designs.

Being such a timeless trend, it was imperative for us to include ways to design heart-themed jewelry in 2Shapes .

Here you can find some designs that we have made ourselves at 2Shapes Design and 2Shapes for Rhino, in the hope that they may inspire you:

So what do you think? will you be including some hearts in your next collection as well? If you’d like to find out how 2Shapes can help you with that, send us an email or schedule a quick meeting with one of our specialists to learn more.

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