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Bespoke jewelry. Customization of exclusive jewelry through 3D modeling.

Did you know that 88% of people who visit a jewelry store in person have visited at least 10 jewelry stores online before?

In the age of technology, the sale of personalized jewelry of any kind is bound to start on the customer’s couch. 

This is called ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), a trend that occurs in all sectors, including the jewelry sector. 

So I’m no longer going to talk about the importance of having a simple online store but about attracting customers to your physical store to design the jewel of their dreams with your customers. 

Thanks to a configurator system that allows the design of customized 3D jewelry with every detail. 

Let’s see it. 

Why is it good for your business to offer bespoke jewelry?

We start from the basis that personalizing a jewel is not engraving it or a nice message. That is an engraving, period. 

To create custom jewelry is to sit down with your client (or by yourself in your jewelry store) and design, for example, a butterfly where you change the metal on the fly, put various stones on the wings, and finally add a diamond teardrop. 

Modifying and correcting as you wish and seeing the result in real-time.  

All this gives you two advantages: a great brand image for your jewelry and the differentiation factor against your competition. 

But there’s more. Working with custom jewelry allows you to: 

  • Reduce costs because you no longer need to have hundreds of pieces with the price that this means in your jewelry. 
  • Jewelry customization also allows you to reduce your stock, as you can create them yourself as you go along. 
  • You also reduce insurance costs associated with the quantity and quality of the merchandise you have in your jewelry store.
  • And last but not least, having less stock makes you less interesting for those who want to take what is not theirs. 

Customize your jewelry with your client or to your liking

Forget about competing with other jewelers in price because, at the end of the day, you all have the same, or you are looking for more exclusivity, and obviously, you pay for it. 

Bespoke jewelry means creating unique and exclusive pieces at the right time. 

  • When you have some time, you feel creative and start to exploit all your talent. Remember that you can do it from any device and/or from home, so you have all the facilities. 
  • When you have the client in front of you, a moment in which you have to excite them, because they are seeing how you create that piece of bespoke jewelry that you can see that they love.

And how can I create custom jewelry at this level?

It’s simple. 2Shapes Design is a 3D design software for jewelry shops that allows you to create custom jewelry easily and in real-time. 

Oh and don’t think I’m talking about exclusive or expensive software, 2Shapes Design is already being used by jewelry stores of all sizes and in over 30 countries and is affordable for any jewelry store. 

So if you want to see how it works and how to create your own custom jewelry, download the Free Trial on our website and start trying it out right now. 



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