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Did you know that 20% of customers did not know the term artisanal mining?

Survey by MVI Marketing reveals insights on consumer attitudes towards gold sourcing, particularly among young adults. Opportunity for jewelry businesses to leverage product stories and responsible sourcing. Contact 2Shapes for support in storytelling strategies.

This was discovered thanks to a survey conducted by MVI Marketing, sponsored by the Alliance for Responsible Mining, our partner Rio Grande, and picked up in a very interesting JCK article by Rob Bates, News Director of the magazine.

The survey was answered by people between the ages of 25 and 50, with incomes over $50,000, who had purchased more than $200 worth of jewelry in the past three years.

As the trend often indicates, young adults were found to be more interested in the origin of gold and the social impact of its extraction compared to older generations.

We found other interesting notes:

  1. Men tend to consider more the social and environmental impact of gold mining.
  2. Although still low, awareness of recycled gold is increasing.
  3. In general, respondents were not aware that certified responsible artisanal gold options existed.
  4. Once strangers were made aware of the responsible options, more than half of the respondents were open to them.
  5. 75% of respondents indicated that they would spend more on responsibly mined gold, but only if it was less than 10% more expensive, and more rarely responded that they would spend 11% or more. And this brings us to our point. This information is a great opportunity for storytelling. Offer interesting information about the products your customers buy to increase their value, to make them more unique.

A product with a story is not just any item that your customer found in your store, it is the statement that your customer chose for destiny to be part of their lasting legacy.

What do you think, are you going to explain the history of your products to your customers? If you want to know how 2Shapes can help you with that, send us an email, give us a call or have a quick meeting with one of our business specialists.


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