2Shapes Online Academy for Jewelers

We are pleased to announce 2Shapes Academy, the new training platform for learning from the 2Shapes experts. Today we offer you three comprehensive courses: 2Shapes for Rhino Level 1, 2Shapes for Rhino Level 2, and Rendering for Jewelry with 2Shapes for Rhino. No previous Rhino experience is required.

In the courses, we will not only learn the tools offered by 2Shapes, but all the Rhino commands to know it in depth. The courses are organized in lessons; in each lesson we have written and video content and practical exercises oriented to jewelry.

Annual membership gives you access to our entire catalog of 2Shapes digital training content, including the opportunity to earn your 2Shapes Certification.

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Learn Jewelry design from our experts

No prior Rhino knowledge required! From zero to hero.


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