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Tiffany & Co, the first company to Include Origin on Diamonds

Tiffany & Co. introduces diamond serial numbers revealing gem origin and cutting details, aligning with consumer demand for transparency and ethical sourcing. The move reflects a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Can you imagine knowing where a diamond comes from? Tiffany & Co has just announced that, from now on, each diamond will include a serial number of Tiffany & Co. laser engraving that will include information on the geographic origin of each gem and the country of origin.

By the end of this year, this information will be added to the internal classification reports of the company.

In addition to that, the provenance information will also be included on the store displays.

By 2020, Tiffany also awaits adding new information about the “craftsmanship journey” of its diamonds, which includes information about where the diamonds had been cut or polished.

On the program, there will be exceptions, which are all the diamonds that Tiffany purchased before this program was designed. These diamonds will be called Tiffany Heritage diamonds.

We have a very small percentage that are responsibly sourced where we won’t include the origin.

Hart says

For the moment, the company has just disclosed the origin country, not the specific mine. Still, Hart affirms that is the information it would eventually like to provide—as well as sourcing information about the precious metals and gemstones it uses.

But what are the reasons that have driven this “policy”?

There are two main reasons why it has adopted this approach.

First of all, the company affirms luxury customers increasingly want to know this kind of information because they are concerned about the environment, human rights, social responsibility, and diamond traceability.

Lastly, but no less important, Hart reaffirm that lab-grown diamonds do not take place in the luxury sector. This is why its diamonds should not have a role in a luxury brand.



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