New Resources in 2Shapes for Rhino

In the latest version of 2Shapes for Rhino we have added new materials and grounds for all your rendering needs. Here is an in-depth look at the newly added resources:

Green Gold and Chocolate Gold

Green Gold and Chocolate Gold are increasing in popularity, and we want to always offer you the latest. So we are pleased to announce that we have added these two new materials in polished and sandblasted finish.

New pastel colors for floors

We noticed that major fine jewelry brands use pastel backgrounds on their websites and social media. Therefore, we have created more than 15 new, fully configurable backgrounds.

The backgrounds are slightly reflective to give that elegant, modern and fresh touch.

Upgrade now 2Shapes for Rhino

We have released a new minor version of 2Shapes for Rhino, which includes these new features, translation improvements and bug fixes. Like all 2Shapes updates, they are free of charge.

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