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2Shapes is growing – Meet Our New CEO, Daniel Eshed

2Shapes Community: Expanding across E-commerce, Manufacturing, and Enterprise, operating in 20 countries. Launching RhinoArtisan, expanding reseller network, and announcing Daniel Eshed as CEO, Rafael del Molino as CTO. Exciting times ahead!

2Shapes in the Spotlight: Participating in Zaragoza Startup Fest

2Shapes, a leader in jewellery design technology, will showcase its innovations at Zebraventures Startupfest, highlighting its role in advancing the industry through 3D design tools and promoting collaboration at the ZGZ Startup Fest (ZSF23) in Zaragoza, Spain.

2nd McNeel Global Developer Meeting in Barcelona

Attended 2nd McNeel Global Developer Meeting in Barcelona, a gathering of 3D app development enthusiasts. Learned from Rhino creators, shared insights, and explored the future of design and technology.