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Introducing 2Shapes 4.1 for Rhino – Discover the Exciting Enhancements and New Features

2Shapes for Rhino - Version 4.1 released, featuring enhanced integration with 2Shapes Next, new subscription plans, Moissanite integration, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Free upgrade available, empowering jewelry designers with cutting-edge tools.

We are thrilled to announce the release of 2Shapes for Rhino – Version 4.1! This update brings a range of enhancements and new features that will elevate your Rhino design and modeling experience to new heights. In addition, we are highlighting four key improvements that make Version 4.1 an essential upgrade. Keep reading to learn more!

Seamless Integration with 2Shapes Next, the In-store Jewelry Design Platform:

In this version, we have taken the Integration between 2Shapes for Rhino and 2Shapes Next to a new level. You can seamlessly sync and transfer your designs between the two platforms. Harness the powerful design tools of Rhino along with the marketing and sales capabilities of 2Shapes Next, specifically designed for in-store jewelry design, to create and sell your jewelry more efficiently. With this seamless Integration, you can streamline your workflow from concept to sale, all within one intuitive and powerful environment.

Compatibility with New Free, Business, and Unlimited Plans:

To cater to the diverse needs of our users, 2Shapes for Rhino Version 4.1 is compatible with our new subscription plans: Free, Business, and Unlimited. Access the most suitable features for your jewelry business, whether you are just starting out or expanding your jewelry enterprise.

Complete Integration of Moissanite:

We have listened to our users’ requests, and we are pleased to announce that Moissanite, one of the most popular gemstones in the jewelry industry, is now fully integrated into 2Shapes for Rhino. You can access Moissanite in the gem tools, pricing, weights, and rendering, enabling you to design and present jewelry with this beautiful gemstone quickly and effortlessly.

Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes:

In our relentless pursuit of providing the best user experience, we have made significant performance improvements and addressed various reported issues. This ensures greater stability and smoother workflow in your jewelry design projects.

Furthermore, we are excited to share that the upgrade to 2Shapes for Rhino Version 4.1 is free for all our users. So you can now download this exciting new version from our website and enjoy all the added enhancements and features.

We remain committed to delivering a high quality product and value your feedback to continue improving. With each update, we strive to make 2Shapes for Rhino, the ultimate tool for jewelry designers, providing the functionality and stability needed to bring your ideas to life confidently and precisely.

Don’t wait any longer! Upgrade to 2Shapes for Rhino Version 4.1 today and experience the next level of jewelry design excellence.


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