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From the RhinoGold creator

Experience the future of 3D software for jewelry design and manufacturing

RhinoArtisan is a powerful jewelry design plugin for Rhino, created to optimize designers, retailers and vendors workflow

Why choose RhinoArtisan?


Design jewelry in 3D precisely, set the exact measurements, and draw parametric shapes to create jaw-dropping bespoke jewelry

Light And Fast

Optimized system responds to your very command, design with lightning speed, and forget the computer. Your Rhino as light and fast as ever

Builders and Libraries

Design effectiveness: the builders help you create what you need in a few seconds and save them in libraries. Moreover, all of them are editables!

Advanced Rendering and Animation Engine

Professional photos and videos of your creations with the utmost quality. The best physically-based production renderer optimized for GPU

3D Printing and Manufacturing

Reports with all your creation's information such as gems, metal weight, or even direct integration with major 3D printing brands

Rhino Friendly

Born as a plug-in for the Rhino CAD software, enthusiasts will find in RhinoArtisan all the tools they are used to, along with the option to work with the default Rhino interface

RhinoArtisan adds value to your jewelry designs at every click

Tools entirely focused on jewelry design

From the founder and product manager of RhinoGold, Rafael del Molino, and 2Shapes team, here comes the new RhinoArtisan, the most intuitive 3D CAD software to design jewels available on the market.

A friendly parametric software lighter than ever

Its intuitive parametric is one of the most powerful features at its disposal, which allows you to change any element of your project, from the size of the finger, to the gem, from the profile to the thickness of the bit.
We believe that simplicity is a must, for these reasons with our software complexity will no longer be a problem. Just focus on the results and the creation of the perfect jewel

Hundreds of ready-to-use designs

It includes hundreds of ready-to-use designs to be productive from day one. And you can also create your own designs from scratch and create your collections in your own style.

User interface made with love

The user interface has been created to help the designer working in the easiest, most agile and comfortable way. Every command offers a real-time preview and Gumball to set visual and numeric fields in order to work precisely

3D organic modeling

The 3D organic modeling for jewels gives you the tools you need to create customized pieces with a unique structure. Using Sub-D technology, any 3D designer of jewels can handle, move and bend the item, just like a piece of clay.

Photographs of your designs that will dazzle your clients

We know how important it is to create the “WOW” that our customers seek. That’s why RhinoArtisan automatically makes for every design multiple photos to share with your customers in the store or on social media.

Your production is just around the corner

We believe in proximity products and their importance for our planet; that’s why RhinoArtisan is an open system and compatible with all printing systems thanks to its export in STL. This will allow you to produce wherever you want, even around the corner.

How to learn RhinoArtisan

It will be a very quick process because this CAD tool for jewelry design is really intuitive and easy to learn. For this reason, we will offer you all the materials and services you will need to start using and controlling RhinoArtisan. Free of charge, both courses and certifications.

Discover RhinoArtisan

Find out why RhinoArtisan is the must-have for designers and manufacturers

Client Testimonials

“2Shapes has made my life simpler with fast integration for website development and product design - Setting up an online business has never been easier.”
Keith Reffel
CEO at CADWAX, London, UK
“RhinoArtisan has revolutionized the way I design jewelry in Rhino. This plugin allows me to create 3D designs quickly and easily, giving me the ability to visualize every detail. I'm truly impressed with RhinoArtisan, it has elevated my design skills to new heights.”
Laurent Dubois
Freelance Jewelry Designer, Paris, France
“RhinoArtisan is, without a doubt, the most valuable ally for jewelry designers. Since I started using it, it has become indispensable support. I recommend everyone to try it; you won't regret it.”
Carlota Yolanda Meloni Martinez
CEO at Lola Martinez Design, Milano, Italy
“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do an excellent job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. 2Shapes has opened up a new world of possibilities for us to design our collections.”
Juanjo Saniger
CEO at JS Swing Line, Barcelona, Spain
“We have been using Rhino 7 and the 2Shapes for Rhino for over a year. We have found the 2Shapes in offers many fantastic features which speeds up and simplifies our CAD design process. The 2Shapes team are constantly evolving the software and adding new features. It is great to be a part of the 2Shapes community.”
Heather and Kelli
Independent Jewellers, Edmonton, AB, Canada
“I am learning so much! I'm loving this program by the way. Our business is taking off because of it.”
Ian Smith Waterbury, Vermont, U.S.

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