About Lesson

During this course, you will come across pre-prepared exercises to practice the lesson you are seeing, or a set of skills you have learned so far. In the majority of lessons, you can find attached Exercise Files such as pre-prepared models for you to practice or comprehensive guides to design a specific piece of jewelry. All exercises will let you know when an Exercise File is required to continue. Lessons will usually be one of two kinds:

Video lessons

These are clearly identified with the video icon at the left of the lesson name. Within this lesson, you will start watching a video tutorial explaining step-by-step how to do the exercise, and below it, you will find a detailed guide on how to do it yourself.

Guide lessons

In this type of lesson, you will find a guide between the lesson’s explanation. These ones will help you understand the core procedures of 2Shapes while demonstrating how to use them in practical cases. Once you have finished a lesson, click on the Mark as Complete button, and proceed to the next one.

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