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This command allows you to set a selected gem into a Basket configuration.

Running this command will display its parameters in the Commands toolbar. Your first step should be to choose whether you want to start working on a Standard style provided by 2Shapes, or an Organization style you have previously created.

On its parameters, you can find the prong configuration as well as their diameter, the height over the gem’s girdle, the whole basket height, among others. Also, you can click on the Rails tab to see the parameters for the lower and upper rails.

When you confirm your changes, the Basket will be listed on the Outliner toolbar.

Exercise 4-7 Setting a diamond in a Basket

1. Open the Basket.3dm Exercise File.

2. Select the diamond above the ring, and run the Basket command, under the Stone Settings menu.

3. Edit the Basket, and select the straight four-prong configuration.

4. Set the following parameters:

Diameter to 1

Height to 4.1

Gem Inside to 0.1

Height to 0.5

Bottom Diameter to 1

Bottom rail Inside to 0.5

5. Open the Rail parameters, and set the following values on the Upper Rail fields:

Width to 1

Height to 1

Height under Girdle to 1

Gem size percentage to 80

6. Set the following parameters on the Base Rail section:

Width to 1

Height to 1.3

Gem size percentage to 45

7. Click on the Confirm changes button.

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