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Using this command you can create a custom Element following a curve, and use multiple shapes on multiple points along the curve. Ideal to make decorative elements, or sleek and amazing jewelry pieces.

When you run this command, it will ask you to select the curve you want to work with.

Running this command will display its parameters in the Commands toolbar. Your first step should be to choose whether you want to start working on a Standard style provided by 2Shapes, or an Organization style you have previously created.

After running the command, you can choose the curve you want to use with the left selection square, and optionally an object for your piece to be oriented to with the right selection square. Below, you can find the icons to add profiles one by one, or multiple automatically. You can also hide or show the geometry being generated with the right-most icon.

All profiles created will be listed on the Parameters menu. To their right you will find three icons; to duplicate, edit, or delete that profile. Additionally, you can move, rotate, and change the profile measurements using the gumballs on your viewport.

Notes: You will need to have at least 2 profiles created in order to generate valid geometry.

When you confirm your changes, the Profile object will be listed on the Outliner toolbar.

Exercise 6-3 Design a bespoke pendant

1. Open the Profile Bespoke pendant.3dm file.

2. Select the curve, and run the Profiles command, under the Components menu.

3. Click on the Add profile icon, and then pick the top end of the curve.

4. Click on the Edit icon next to the profile you just created.

5. Type 3.68 on the Width filed, and 1.96 on the Height field.

6. Click on the accept button above the profile.

7. Click on the Add profile button, and pick the lowest point of the curve.

Note: You can use the Quad Osnap to help you find the exact point.

8. Change the profile or create one similar to the one depicted in the image in step 9.

9. Set Width to 1.45, and 1.1 to Height.

10. Click on the Add profile button, and pick the other end of the curve.

Note: By this point, the end of the curve you have to pick has been covered by the first profile. We suggest using the End Osnap to help you find the exact point.

11. Change the profile or create one similar to the depicted on the image below.

12. On the Diamonds menu, click on the Gems Creator command.

13. Type 0.03 on the Carats field. Click on the Create button, and confirm your changes.

14. Run the Bezel command, under the Stone Settings menu.

15. Set the following parameters:

Width to 0.69

Height to 1.71

Over Girdle Height to 0.1

Girdle Width 0.59

16. Confirm your changes, and use the Gumball to position the bezel at the same level than the flat face of the Advanced Curve object.

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