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Using this command, you can create classic rings, especially useful for traditional engagement rings, wedding rings, and simple yet universally gorgeous designs.

Running this command will display its parameters in the Commands toolbar. Your first step should be to choose whether you want to start working on a Standard style provided by 2Shapes, or an Organization style you have previously created.

On its parameters, you can find the ring size, measurements, the asset that will give shape to the shank, and options to add secondary gems to this element among other possibilities.

When you confirm your changes, the Classic Shank will be listed on the Outliner toolbar.

Exercise 5-2 Design a solitaire ring

This exercise covers how to design a Solitaire ring entirely. The design resulting from this guide will be composed of a classic tapered ring with a strangle finish in which the solitaire basket will be set.

You can download the exercise guide on the Exercise Files tab on this lesson.

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