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RhinoArtisan Rendering for Jewelry

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About Course

Rendering is a term used in computing to refer to the process of generating a photorealistic image from a 3D model. In this course we will focus on the rendering process, from the basics of learning how to open or import our model, to creating a photorealistic rendering for use in our social networks.

What Will You Learn?

  • Open/import models
  • Organize elements by layers
  • Group and ungroup elements
  • Show and hide objects
  • Ways to select objects
  • Match material propierties
  • Discover the visualization modes
  • Differentiate between design and rendering materials
  • Apply materials
  • Create and modify materials
  • Asign materials by layers
  • Import assets
  • Move, copy, and rotate elements
  • Create a library of poses
  • Apply, edit, and create environments
  • Render: resolution and quality

Course Content

We will learn the basics to start the course, open/import a model and learn about each of the phases that will make up the rendering course.

  • Open / Import a model
  • Organizing objects
  • Applying materials
  • Posing
  • Environments
  • Rendering
  • Final project
  • Exercises

Organizing our model
We will learn how to organize the different elements of our scene, apply commands to facilitate the task, and get into the different selection modes.

Applying Materials
In this topic, we will go into the different visualization modes, we will understand the difference between materials for design and materials for rendering. We will learn different ways to apply materials to our models. We will see how to modify, create and import materials.

In this lesson, we will learn how to move, copy and rotate objects, so that we get the best out of our model's features. We will also use the safe frame function and create a pose library.

In this lesson, we will learn how to apply settings to correctly illuminate our scene.

We will learn how to adjust the rendering options

Final Project
Using the knowledge acquired during the course, we will try to create a realistic rendering similar to the given references.